Ann Frank's Stepsister to Visit Tucson

Ann Frank's Stepsister to Visit Tucson

A remarkable woman is coming to Arizona to share her story with Tucsonans.

For years, Eva Schloss tried to move on from the unimaginable horrors she endured during the Holocaust. But it’s difficult to escape the memories that haunted her. She couldn’t forget about her stepsister’s fate.On Sunday, Feb. 18, Schloss, the 88-year-old stepsister of Anne Frank, will share her story at the Tucson Jewish Community Center (3800 E. River Road). As she travels to share her story, her identity is forever tied to the young girl she played with after school in Amsterdam, who perished in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp just weeks before the end of World War II. Tickets for the event cost $25, and can be purchased HERE. For more information, please visit the official website or call 520-869-4971

Famous Tucson Landmark is No MORE!!!

Famous Tucson Landmark is No MORE!!!

The first buildings of the beloved La Placita Village were torn down today, Monday Feb. 5. The bright and colorful landmark at 100 S. Church Avenue will be replaced with an apartment complex called “The Flin.” Developed by HSL properties, the complex will include 240 units as well as retail space. Residents and visitors alike have long enjoyed the vibrant, eye-catching buildings, which have been a part of the Tucson landscape since the mid-1970s. It was a bittersweet day for many who watched as a significant part of the Old Pueblo disappeared into the dust. Last week, crews were seen prepping for the demolition, which will mark the end of the mixed-use, multi-story compled that once housed a variety of businesses and organizations, including the now-closed Hotel Arizona.

Tucson GLBT Chamber of Commerce October Our N About at our place!

Glad to have hosted the GLBT Chamber of Commerce October Out N' About at our place to highlight our Real Estate Business and our work within the Tucson GLBT community helping buyers and sellers for over 26 years! And showcasing the BEST Real Estate Web site for Tucson GLBT buyers and sellers:


Tucson Pride Festival in the Park!!!

This past Saturday (Sept. 30) Tucson Pride celebrated it's 40th Anniversary with live music, comedy, vendor booths, food concessions and fun for all who attended this great event that has been going strong since 1977! 


Trump Bans Transgender in the Military....

Early in August 2017 President Donald Trump made a startling announcement that transgender people were no longer welcome in the military "in any capacity," catching Pentagon Off-guard. 

And his next steps are still rather unclear. 

A Pentagon spokesman said Monday the Defense Department still had not received any written notice fro the White House. 

"We are waiting on the president's direction," Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said later in the day, during an impromput press conference at the Pentagon.